Implementing a Multi-layered Automation Strategy

Hosted by Answer Digital

Does your automation suite take too long to run? Do you have flaky tests that you end-up executing manually? Finding bugs late in delivery? Then its likely that your automation suite isn’t following automation best practices and you arent seeing optimal value!

Answer Digital‘s Automation Test Engineers Joe Batt, Anand Mistry and Joss Sparkes will talk about how to effectively implement a multi-layered automation strategy. By following some principles we can achieve a well structured and balanced approach to software quality assurance, leading to increased code quality, test coverage and ROI.


In this talk we will look at:

– Why multi-layered provides better value and how best to avoid automation anti-patterns

– What practices can we put in place to ensure automation is scalable

– How to integrate automation into your CI/CD pipelines for continuous testing

This talk will be held at our Leeds city centre office so you can enjoy the session in person with a drink and ask any questions.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there, and make sure you check out our other events as we’d love to see you at those too!

Coding & Software Development
Implementing a Multi-layered Automation Strategy
28th Sep 2022
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Hosted by Answer Digital

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