Humans are Weird: the fault with ‘digital by default’

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Tuesday 30th April

12:00 –14:00


B J S S Ltd ,
Coronet House, Queen Street ,
Leeds , LS1 2TW



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We know the ‘machine’ metaphor of organisations is reaching its limits – treating people as cogs in a complicated but ultimately predictable system. The cogs can be slotted in & used & replaced, then substituted by more efficient technology wherever possible. Digital seems self-evidently cheaper, more dependable, more consistent…‘digital by default’ becomes the default.

Sometimes technology creates more friction for customers & staff, stops things from happening, or makes us less smart. When this happens our tech people come away frustrated with ‘the business’, & ‘the business’ blames IT for poor delivery. More planning, project management, reporting & governance often follow.

With stories, exercises & discussion, we will explore an optimistic alternative to the traditional mechanistic worldview – ‘easier by default’. We can create better ways of organising by understanding what really matters to customers & citizens, enabling the friction-free flow of value; & then explicitly designing digital solutions to complement human activity. Making things ‘easier by default’ delivers better tech, faster & cheaper, & turns out to improve performance as well.