Humanity is Broken

Hosted by Nelly Lewis

A participation workshop exploring transhumanism and cyborg-Human Transformation

The objective of this workshop is to facilitate a deep exploration of the themes surrounding AI, transhumanism and the transformation of humans into cyborgs. Led by performing artist Nelly Lewis, the discussion aims to gather valuable insights and contributions from participants to inspire the development of Lewis’ new performance, “I am Cyborg.”

In this thought-provoking workshop, we’ll explore the fascinating and controversial concept of transhumanism through captivating round table discussions. We’ll delve into how technology transforms humanity and the intriguing boundaries between humans and machines.

Your unique perspectives and insights will shape the course of our exploration. From discussing the ethical dilemmas of human enhancement to envisioning a future as cyborgs, every contribution will enrich our understanding of this cutting-edge topic.

Get ready to express your imagination and hopes for the future through creative activities, such as designing your own cyborg avatar.

The workshop, led by the talented digital performer, Nelly Lewis, is an essential part of her groundbreaking project, “I am Cyborg,” where your ideas will shape the very essence of this visionary creation.

Whether you’re for, against, afraid, or excited about transhumanism, all opinions and feelings are not only welcome but crucial to our exploration! So, mark your calendars and come prepared to engage in this enthralling exploration!

Note: As we embark on this extraordinary journey together, we want to capture the essence of your contributions fully. The event will be recorded, and your vibrant discussions on Zoom will become an integral part of Nelly Lewis’s mesmerizing performance (Audio capture only). By taking part, you grant us permission to use the recorded materials, immortalizing your unique perspective on this subject matter.

Nelly Lewis
Nelly Inbal Lewis is an award-winning physical theatre performer, mentor and immersive experience maker, with over 25 years’ experience as a creator in physical theatre, including mime, puppetry, butoh dancing, directing and choreography. She been been performing her own solo shows since 2006 with much success, her solo Stitch it! won the prestige Edinburgh award – The Bobby Award. Nelly has established herself as a visionary in the performing arts.

Since 2017, she have been exploring online performance and in 2021 I received an ACE grant to develop my artistic practice (moving into digital performance) pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Currently, Nelly is embarking on her new solo creation, “I Am Cyborg,” exploring the relationship between humans and technology. Her background in journalism and love for technology inspired her to create The Newbot Times magazine, the world’s first AI-human hybrid quarterly, launched Mid May 2023.

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AI & Machine Learning, Arts, Culture & Music
Humanity is Broken
28th Sep 2023 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Nelly Lewis

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