How to innovate through online collaboration

Hosted by Leeds University Business School

Struggling to innovate online? This webinar will show you the best ways to collaborate online with stakeholders to successfully deliver innovative and creative solutions to enhance your business.


In an increasingly digital world, there are pros and cons to developing innovation and new solutions online. Yes, we can bring together diverse stakeholders from different locations without the time, cost and sustainability impacts of travel. But can we generate empathy for those we’re developing solutions for and foster collaboration with the wider team?

‘Design Thinking’ techniques are used by many organisations to understand challenges, build empathy with customers and end users, generate ideas, create prototypes and much more. Traditionally used in physical spaces, Design Thinking can work equally well online – by tailoring the process to use an appropriate technology platform which addresses the needs of the people taking part.

Over the past year, Tony Morgan has worked with students and companies to facilitate dozens of (often parallel) online innovation projects. In this engaging session, he’ll demonstrate how advanced digital collaboration tools such as Mural and Miro can be combined with familiar tools such as Zoom to make innovation and Design Thinking work successfully online.

Who should attend

This webinar is ideal for anybody working in product development, user experience, customer journeys, change management and digital transformation. Or even for somebody who is simply looking for new ways to bring innovation and Design Thinking into their teams or business.

About the presenter

Tony Morgan is an Associate Professor in Innovation Management Practice at Leeds University Business School. He joined the University in 2019 following a successful career in technology and innovation at IBM. Tony is an inspiring educator who takes a practical hands-on approach to teaching and learning. During his IBM career his roles included Global Technology Services Chief Innovation Officer for the UK & Ireland, Value Creation Centre Innovation Leader and Client Chief Architect.

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Coding & Software Development, UI/UX/Design
How to innovate through online collaboration
21st Sep 2021
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Hosted by Leeds University Business School

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