How To Build A Secure Start-Up

Hosted by Blacksmiths Group Ltd

Hear from fellow founders on how to build security by design into your company and product from the outset.

Intellectual property (IP) is critical to a start-ups success, but you can only develop it and monetise it successfully if it is secure.

Vulnerable IP is easily accessible to the wrong people – competitors , foreign states and criminals who may have the means to modify, steal or delete it.

Achieving robust security is a financial challenge for start-ups. It can be tough to understand what to focus on with limited time and resources; cyber security is a competing priority together with product and business development.

At Blacksmiths Group, we develop our own tech products and as a start-up ourselves we’ve had to understand and deal with these challenges. In this webinar we share our views on the key cyber security risks facing start-ups and provide practical tips on how to address them. We will cover:

– Intellectual property protection techniques
– Product security: tips for secure development and deployment
– Human factors: aligning culture and values to company security to reduce insider risk
– Cyber security policies and standards: what are the essentials for a small business

Blacksmiths’ CTO and Co-Founder Jon Drewett, and Security Risk Lead, Josh Deakin specialise in helping start-ups identify, implement and maintain robust cyber security and will lead the webinar. We will also have time for an open Q&A to discuss specific questions related to cyber security and your business.

Cyber Security, Fintech, Startups
How To Build A Secure Start-Up
23rd Sep 2021 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Blacksmiths Group Ltd

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