How to build a customer base from 4,000 miles away

Hosted by Glean

In 2021 we launched Glean and within 9 months over 500 universities and colleges adopted our technology in North America.

But for a year we didn’t set foot on US soil. In fact, despite approximately 30% of our business coming from international growth, without a single US employee.

How? We’ve established ourselves as a go-to brand in the market by investing in finding, participating in, and building trusted communities. In doing so we’ve challenged traditional transactional relationships without sacrificing commercial growth.


Join us as we share what we’ve learned about:

– Building organic word-of-mouth awareness
– Experimenting with customer-centric digital marketing
– Developing Customer Success experiences
– Celebrating early adopters in a go-to-market strategy


This event is intended for a mixed audience of digital marketers, salespeople, and Tech founders/leadership interested in international growth.
Start ups and scale ups may also be interested.

Marketing & PR, Startups
How to build a customer base from 4,000 miles away
28th Sep 2022
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Hosted by Glean
Department, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds LS10 1PZ

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