How the ? can I tackle common tech issues with reduced budgets & uncertainty?

Hosted by Equal Experts

Your Challenges, solved.
Got some challenges that you want to be able to articulate clearly to others? Let us help you by running some quick round-robin “consultations” to get support and advice from other people. The session will help to refine your skills in asking for help as well as listening and consulting with others to refine your ability to address challenges. We will do this over lunch where food and refreshments will be provided.

From 12pm


Client talks with Neil Memmott (The Very Group) talk and Eleanor Harry (HACE)
We will hear from Neil Memmott, Head of Technology at Very Group, who will speak about delivering maximum value whilst executing a multi-year platform migration. We’ll also hear from Eleanor Harry, CEO at HACE, who will speak about the journey they are on to develop a Child Labour Index; the only quantitative metric in the world for child labour performance at a company and group level.

PANEL session – an interactive panel session with our speakers to cover off any specific questions you may have on what you have heard and/or anything you would like to ask.

From 5pm


Continue the conversation at Lazy Lounge

Continue the conversation over drinks and canapesin a friendly informal setting.

From 7pm.

Speakers Include:

Coding & Software Development, Data, UI/UX/Design
How the ? can I tackle common tech issues with reduced budgets & uncertainty?
28th Sep 2023 12:00pm - 9:00pm
Hosted by Equal Experts
The Terrace, 3 Wellington Pl, Leeds, LS1 4AP

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