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How can digital technology be used to create resilient healthcare environments? 


Arup are delighted to invite you to explore our Digital Healthcare Solutions virtual exhibition space. Learn how we have been employing digital technologies and techniques to improve healthcare environments, empowering providers to deliver a better, safer patient experience.  

Healthcare delivery is under increasing pressure. From demand for improved access to a greater emphasis on the wider determinants of health and wellbeing, an ageing population and obviously a pandemic unlike anything in recent history. 

Visit our virtual exhibition to hear from our experts how key challenges facing the sector could be addressed by digital technologies/data driven approaches. Learn how digital solutions are helping healthcare authorities, providers, clinicians and managers to overcome issues of how to: 

·       create flexible space within an existing footprint to plan for surges in patient numbers and maintain operations and non-infectious patient care. 

·       predict human behaviour and movement to analyse capacity constraints and understand how people circulate and flow through spaces.   

·       mitigate airborne transmission of infectious diseases through risk-based and quantifiable measures 

 Explore the room and ask questions to our digital healthcare experts by following the contact details in the exhibits, or by using the ‘Fancy a Chat’ function. 


There’s no need to pre-book, just hit the ‘Book’ button and enter the virtual space. 


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How can digital technology be used to create resilient healthcare environments?
30th Sep 2021 9:00am - 5:00pm
Hosted by Arup

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