Here Comes Everybody

Hosted by Vanquis Bank & Tall

Begin to look beyond what you know with our insightful talk answering the core question, what does inclusivity and innovation actually mean?

Two things we can guarantee, you don’t know everything about your customers and you are likely not delivering anywhere near what they expect. Especially if you are a large business.

You’ll find that the customer’s motivation don’t scale up to what you think.

Vanquis Bank and Tall hope to deliver an insightful talk, one that covers our journey of discovery, new insight, looking beyond what you know and our answer to the question, what inclusivity and innovation actually means.

Diversity and Inclusion, Fintech, UI/UX/Design
Here Comes Everybody
23rd Sep 2021 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Hosted by Vanquis Bank & Tall
Northern Monk Refectory, Leeds LS11 9YJ

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