Has co-design in the NHS come of age?

Hosted by Thrive by Design

With the belief that people are not the problem, they are the solution, Thrive by Design (formerly mHabitat) has delivered over 190 co-designed digital innovation and inclusion projects. People who have living experience provide a unique and valuable contribution and when genuinely involved in co-design there are better outcomes all round.

We will bring members of the design community together with people who have been involved in co-designing solutions to discuss why co-design should be at the heart of health and care, share some examples of good practice in health and invite NHSX to share their vision and ideas for ‘user centred design’.

This will include a taster session on inclusive co-design delivered by Thrive by Design.


About Thrive by Design (formerly mHabitat):

Thrive by Design are delighted to be taking part in Leeds Digital Festival again for 2021. We are delivering six sessions themed around being inclusive, digital and green where we will re-imagine health and care to support everyone to thrive.

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Diversity and Inclusion, Healthtech & Medtech, UI/UX/Design
Has co-design in the NHS come of age?
20th Sep 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by Thrive by Design

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