Happy hustle: how to make your ideas happen

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Wednesday 1st May



RSM, Central Square, 5th Floor ,
29 Wellington Street ,
Leeds , LS1 4DL



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Find out how to have ideas and make them happen – and enjoy the process.

Celebrating the launch of her book ‘How to Have a Happy Hustle: the complete guide to making your ideas happen’ Bec Evans will host an evening of inspiration from Leeds-based ideas makers.

The panellists – ranging from student to career executive – created side projects in the busyness of their lives. They will share stories of success and setbacks on the path to making ideas happen, including:
• How to find the time to work on new ideas
• Getting started and getting your ideas into the world
• Finding your first ‘fans’ and how to grow an audience
• Setbacks and how to bounce back from failure
• Most importantly how to keep going – and keep happy.

You’ll get practical advice and expertise from the book that you can put into practice – right now.