Growing Modern Software Teams

Hosted by Northcoders

Demand for software developers and software developer teams has never been greater. In this post-pandemic world where most businesses have had to go through some kind of digital transformation. How have different companies adapted? What approaches have worked? Has the development process been able to keep pace with the rapidly changing commercial demands?

We wanted to get the take of different types of businesses to talk about different approaches they have taken to deal with the soaring demand and the new challenges they have had to overcome with rapid digital advancement that is now happening. We will be talking to:

· A Global Business: Neil Hooton, Associate Director at ARUP

· A Product company: Anna Dick, CTO at Hiring Hub

· An Agency: Liam Bateman, CTO at Silverchip

· A Startup: James Gupta, CEO at Synap

The discussion will be chaired by Amul Batra, COO at Northcoders Group

More guests and further details TBA shortly

Careers & Education, Coding & Software Development, Data
Growing Modern Software Teams
30th Sep 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Northcoders

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