Getting Started with Data Engineering and ML using Python

Hosted by Snowflake

Many data engineers maintain, secure, and pay for separate infrastructure and services in order to accommodate different tools and languages—it’s a lot to juggle. With Snowflake, data engineers can use Python, SQL, Java, and Scala and access best-in-class tools, all in one platform.

Join this instructor-led virtual hands-on lab on September 20th to test drive this yourself!

An expert will teach you step-by-step how to:

– Use stages and tables to ingest and organise raw data from S3 into Snowflake

– Perform data transformations leveraging Snowpark for Python DataFrames

– Turn data pipeline code into operational pipelines with integrated monitoring

– Prepare data and run ML training using scikit-learn

– Deploy the model as a Snowpark User-Defined-Function (UDF) using the integrated Anaconda package repository

– Build an interactive application using Python to visualise the data

Speakers Include:

AI & Machine Learning, Coding & Software Development, Data
Getting Started with Data Engineering and ML using Python
20th Sep 2023 9:30am - 10:30am
Hosted by Snowflake

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