Getting MedTech to Market: Crossing the Bridges and Keeping Yourself Safe

Hosted by Page White Farrer and Charlton Regulatory Consulting

Join experts Patent Attorney Dr Andy McKinlay of Page White Farrer and MedTech regulation specialist Dr Iain Charlton of Charlton Regulatory Consulting for practical hints and tips on bringing your MedTech innovation to market.

MedTech startups face a challenging journey when they want to get new software technology to patients and clinical users. The path can be hard to navigate, with challenges to be faced with regulations and standards compliance required to gain access to healthcare markets. Even if that path can be successfully navigated, knowing how to keep your new technology protected will help you maintain first mover advantage, and secure that next round of investment.

Iain Charlton:

Iain has been working with medical device and healthcare software for most of his working life. Creating software that improves health outcomes for people, makes life better for healthcare professionals and innovates healthcare is what makes him passionate and committed to this industry.

Having been a part of the journey for many startup and early stage MedTech companies, he has had many roles, including building and managing engineering teams and technology foundations, building MedTech software products, gaining quality and security certifications, medical device regulatory filings, and leading regulatory compliance. As a consultant, he works mostly for early stage MedTech companies, advising on the regulatory journey for new and innovative software products, and helping with the effort to gain quality or security certifications, or regulatory clearance for medical device clearance.

Iain’s regulatory experience is underpinned by over a decade of technical experience developing MedTech software, so he has both a deep understanding of the design and production of software, as well as a broad and thorough understanding of the requirements of the standards and regulations. He has a particular interest in how cybersecurity, privacy and the emerging AI regulatory landscape impact innovative MedTech products in addition to the medical device regulations.


Andy McKinlay:

Andy is a European Patent Attorney based in Leeds. He has a PhD in artificial intelligence and his research was in natural language processing (NLP) building systems for processing and classifying text.

Focusing on software IP, Andy works across computer-implemented technologies, from AI and machine learning to the control of industrial machinery. He works with startups, spin-outs and scale-ups, and supports higher education institutions with IP strategy.

His experience extends to contentious matters, and he is an experienced advocate, representing clients in EPO oppositions and appeals and in proceedings at the UKIPO.

Healthtech & Medtech, Innovation, Startups
Getting MedTech to Market: Crossing the Bridges and Keeping Yourself Safe
20th Sep 2023 9:45am - 11:15am
Hosted by Page White Farrer and Charlton Regulatory Consulting
Platform New Station Street Leeds LS1 4JB

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