“Future Leeds Now” – Hack Day

Hosted by Climate Action Leeds

“We cannot create what we can’t imagine”

Help us bring visions of Leeds future to life, in a one day hack event to prototype a digital platform for reimagining Leeds.

The Leeds Doughnut Economics Coalition, part of Climate Action Leeds, are on a mission to change the story about what Leeds is and what it could be, as part of their ambition to move us towards a safe and just space for humanity.

Doughnut Economics is a radical approach to understanding both how and why our systems, from the climate to the economy to the environment to our minds are starting to crack under the relentless pressure of modern life.
Within our lifetime we will need to see radical changes emerge to the way we live and work if we are to have a viable future as a functioning society and species.

But we cannot create what we can’t imagine, which is where our Hack Day comes in. We’re bringing together the tech talents of Leeds to prototype a platform to enable people to share their own imagination for what the future will look and sound like, and for others in the City to experience it themselves through their own mobile tech.

From a 5 lane highway converted to bus and cycle tracks with multi-level animal migratory routes to a hospital peeking out of the top of a forest or our river revitalised as a leisure space which also cools the city. Many of us have momentary thoughts about what a better future would look like.

During the International Doughnut Economics Festival in November 2023 we plan to bring these imaginings to life.

The Hack winners will have development funding made available!

The team behind the most promising prototype to emerge from the Hack Day will have access to a modest development budget to develop their single site prototype to a fully fledged platform that we can roll out across the city.

During October, the Doughnut Coalition will crowd-source imaginings of the future and pair these with artistic renderings of what’s possible, to bring future Leeds to life in November.

We are open to various augmented and immersive technologies, based on the proviso that they can be used by anyone across the city on their own smartphone.

Your team can be 100% techies, with us finding an artist to fit your needs, or bring along your own artist collaborators for seamless approach.

On the day, we’ll share a little about what Doughnut Economics is and how it helps us reimagine a city based on the regenerative and redistributive principles we’ll need to create a viable future, and hear from some local visionaries to help give you some ideas of the sorts of ideas your platform may need to accommodate.

Community & Society, VR/AR
“Future Leeds Now” – Hack Day
27th Sep 2023 10:00am - 4:00pm
Hosted by Climate Action Leeds
Imagine Leeds, 7th floor, City Exchange, 11 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5ES, UK

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