From Startup to Scale up: How to make it happen & How to fund

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Monday 29th April



Room A, Platform ,
New Station Street ,
Leeds , LS1 4JB



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While starting up a company can be difficult, scaling it is a real feat. Navigating the funding and investment world can be a daunting task for new businesses, then once your business is underway finding the resources to scale up can be overwhelming.

In this session, we’ll hear from entrepreneurs on the challenges of seeking funding; start up businesses looking for funding to launch, scale up business looking for investment to grow and businesses which have successfully achieved growth funding.

The speakers will offer insights into the options available for businesses looking to access funds for growth. Expect practical advice will be given on how to find and secure the right funding for your business, from businesses who have been through the process successfully, alongside industry experts in public and private funding as well as a patent expert.

We’ll be looking to address the main challenges a startup business faces when scaling up:

  • Where does funding come in?
  • Is IP important?
  • What do you have to keep in mind as a founder?

Talks will be followed by a panel discussion with the entrepreneurs, experts in funding, IP, and law. We’ll be looking to bring the discussion a bit further by looking at the regional imbalance in funding, why Leeds is more accommodating to scaleups than startups. Finally, we’ll also hold an open discussion on the Leeds business economy.

Panel: NorthInvest, Mercia, Appleyard Lees (IP), Garbutt+Elliott (R&D Tax Credit)

According to last years TechNation report, Leeds is a better location for scaleups than for startups.

  • Why do you think this is the case?
  • How can we make it a better place for startups who want to scale up?

We have some results that show a massive imbalance in funding & investment from both private and public companies in the North compared to the South.

  • How damageable to the ecosystem do you think it is?
  • How do we bridge that gap?

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