Freedom from Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter Syndrome is rife amongst tech and digital professionals, so if you’ve ever felt like you’re a fraud or a phony, or that you got where you are by luck (and that you’ll be found out at any moment) – you are definitely not alone.

You might feel like you got your role as a box ticking exercise, or that you’re not really technical enough, or that everyone around you is so much more brilliant than you…

The good news is you can reprogramme these thoughts and get rid of your Imposter Syndrome, so it doesn’t need to stop you – and you can achieve your potential in your career. In this one hour Masterclass, Claire Ackers is going to teach you the exact technique she has used to help so many familiar faces on the Leeds tech scene – most of which you wouldn’t have dreamed suffered from Imposter Syndrome too.

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Join Authenticity & Leadership Coach Claire Ackers for this impactful masterclass on how to have Freedom from Imposter Syndrome.

Created especially for values-led techies, this masterclass is all about helping you break free from the limited beliefs that hold you back from achieving your dream career.

During the session, Claire will be:
• Teaching you the 7 biggest signs of Imposter Syndrome, and how they are holding you back from achieving your potential in your career
• Showing you how to uncover your own personal brand of Imposter in your Origin Story
• Understanding why willpower doesn’t work and why your Imposter will keep cropping up if you don’t do something about it!
• Teaching you her proven Mindset Mastery Model to get rid of your Imposter – forever

You’ll come away with a personalised action plan to take control of your life and career, and strategies to deal with your Imposter Syndrome so you never have to let it stop you.


“When I became CEO of my business, I was totally paralysed by Imposter Syndrome. Claire not only helped me punch Imposter Syndrome square in the face, she helped me embrace my differences as my superpower” Anna Sutton, co founder & CEO, the Data Shed

“Claire, you’ve totally cured me of my Imposter Syndrome” Juliette Atkinson, IT Director, University of Bradford

“Claire should be available on prescription” Cieli Smith, Test Manager

Careers & Education, Diversity and Inclusion, Social & Networking
Freedom from Imposter Syndrome
28th Sep 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Hosted by Adesse Partners

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