Free Machine Learning Workshop for Beginners

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Monday 29th April



RSM UK, Fifth Floor ,
Central Square, 29 Wellington Street ,
Leeds , LS1 4DL



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Bored of the “death by PowerPoint” presentations on machine learning? Want to learn more about machine learning, and want to apply it to leverage your data to answer key questions for your business? Join us for a hands-on workshop where you will use the most popular machine learning algorithms to tackle real-life engineering challenges. Bring your laptops and we will guide you through all the steps required to perform state-of-the-art machine learning analyses – from importing and visualising your data to fine-tuning your machine learning algorithms – using Python. No prior coding or machine learning experience is required – bring yourselves and your laptops and we’ll bring the brilliant content, food and drinks!

In this workshop you will learn machine learning fundamentals and how it can help you to make the most out of your data. We will cover three hands-on worked examples where you will learn-by-doing:
1. Use machine learning to predict the thermal failure in an IoT sensor device used in the technology industry
2. Use machine learning to predict the quality of different types of concrete used in the civil engineering industry
3. Use machine learning to predict the physical properties of liquids in the process industry

We will also discuss how machine learning can be applied to other industries to help leaders innovate quicker.

The Open Source and free Anaconda Python 3.x distribution is required to be installed on your laptop prior to the event. In order to do this simply download the installer file from the Anaconda project’s website and follow the instructions. Windows, macOS and Linux installers are available at If you struggle with the installation, we are happy to help you on the day of the event.

As part of the Leeds Digital Festival CentDS are proud to work with RSM UK to deliver this free machine learning event.

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