Founder F*ckups

Hosted by Prolific North

Scars and Stories From Founders Trying to Find Funding and Grow Their Business

The start-up scene isn’t short of people peddling their success stories. Every morning we wake up to a new ‘Linkedin lesson’ or humble brag.

Founders are too often given conflicting advice from those who’ve never actually grown a company. Growing a business is hard, the Founder Fuck Ups event series is about bringing us back to reality.

Hear from founders who’ve been there before and learned their lessons the hard way. More importantly, listen to what advice they wish they had beforehand. There will be a strict ‘no bullshit’ and ‘no judgment’ rule, and hopefully, everyone can enjoy some awkward stories we can all learn a little.

Hosted by Tania Rahman, Investment Manager at Praetura, we’ll be joined by:


Chris Rabbitt: Founder – MEEOW Ltd

Hazel Savage: VP, Music – Intelligence at SoundCloud & previously founded Musiio

More speakers to be revealed soon!

As is start-up tradition, beers, and refreshments will be included.

Hosted by Prolific North, Department, The Start-Up Factory, and Praetura Ventures.

Investing and Fundraising, Social & Networking, Startups
Founder F*ckups
20th Sep 2023 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Hosted by Prolific North
Department Leeds Dock, 4 The Boulevard, Leeds LS10 1PZ

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