Flutter Test Automation – One stop to achieving business value, accuracy, speed, and quality.

Hosted by Provident group - Vanquis Bank

Vanquis’s mobile app has quickly become its main customer stream, taking over a million pounds each month through its payment features. To provide the best experience for their customers and deliver a richer set of features, it was decided to redevelop the app, utilising the most adaptable and best performing technology which resulted in increasing speed of delivery up to 100%.

Flutter is an open-source user interface development kit produced by Google. It is a cross platform development solution that enables coding from a single code base and thus was suitable for Vanquis’s requirements in building the new mobile app.

Flutter is fast becoming the industry standard, being voted the most popular cross platform framework by global developers in a 2021 developer survey, where 42% of developers cited using it, surpassing the use of REACT Native, which used to lead as the most used framework, at 38%.

In this session hear how Vanquis developed a state of the art mobile test automation suite for Vanquis Bank, using Flutter as a single code base solution to improve speed and productivity to deliver maximum return on investment.

We’ll talk through the decision process for selecting Flutter to deliver against key business objectives, the implementation and the impact and value it brought to development and testing.

By implementing Flutter native tools in tandem with a scalable cloud testing solution, Vanquis Bank Test Team has succeeded in accelerating workflows and enhancing test capabilities to fulfil business demands and are dedicated to bringing innovation with the latest technologies.

Come along and hear our journey!


Hemmi Rameshwaram, Test Lead

Hemmi has 20-years of QA experience performing roles starting from a test engineer to Head of QA, specifically in Banking and Financial services. Hemmi likes to bring innovation and apply latest trends in achieving speed and efficiency.

Sameera Purini, Principal Test Engineer

Sameera Purini has over 15 years of experience in Software testing covering wide range of testing activities. Sameera has been using multiple software tools in the market to automate web / mobile apps. Using Appium prior to extensively using Flutter in testing the end-to-end mobile app features.

Michael Badmin, Principal Test Engineer

Michael has around 12 years of software testing experience, working predominantly on testing web-based software across various industries, but most recently focusing on mobile apps with Vanquis Bank. Michael has a mixture of experience with various test tooling, including Appium, Flutter and various mobile cloud labs.

Coding & Software Development, Fintech
Flutter Test Automation – One stop to achieving business value, accuracy, speed, and quality.
28th Sep 2022 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Hosted by Provident group - Vanquis Bank

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