Florian Thalhofer – Korsakow Institute: Storytelling in the Age of Computation

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Thursday 2nd May



Leeds Trinity University ,
Brownberrie Lane ,
Horsforth, Leeds , LS18 5HD



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Florian Thalhofer is a Berlin-based media artist, documentary filmmaker and the inventor of Korsakow: which is both a software to create a new form of film and a principle to create a new kind of story. Florian’s system allows video and media makers to design nonlinear and interactive films and, at the same time, to tell stories through a number of links generated by keywords.

Starting from a SNU (Smallest Narrative Units, as he calls them), Korsakow films can be seen as multilayered representations of our society and our world in general.

This is a SNU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm_Zwp-kz90

Florian’s Korsakow films include GELD.GR, a journey through Greece to chat with people about how they are dealing with the economic situation they are in and Planet Galata, a filmic portrait of a bridge in Istanbul:

In the artist’s own words: “I am Florian Thalhofer, the inventor of the Korsakow software. As an artist, I have been using the software myself for most of my work in the last 15 years. Korsakow for me is more than software. It is a conceptual tool, that helps to understand the complexity of the world, using narration, image and sound. […] Stories have strong borders and only within these rigid borders is it possible to narrate. Korsakow has borders, too, but the borders are much wider” (docubase, MIT).

At Leeds Trinity University, as part of the Leeds Digital Festival 2019, Florian will be running a workshop on Korsakow filmmaking. The workshop will be composed of an introduction to the philosophy of Korsakow, a showcase of projects and a practical session on the software. The workshop is open to everyone.

For more info on the software and Florian’s projects: http://korsakow.tv/

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