Fintech Innovation in Banking

Hosted by Lloyds Banking Group

Welcome to Digital Transformation UK: Fintech Innovation in Banking, the latest in a series of public meet-ups that we have been hosting since 2018.


In our 19th event we will explore Fintech Innovation and how Lloyds Banking Group is supporting and engaging with new and upcoming fintech businesses. We will hear from speakers in the bank as well as Minna, a fintech providing subscription management services to retail banks.


We have three presentations during the event:

Lloyds Banking Group‘s Fintech and Partnership Strategy, discussing the innovation strategy and goals of the bank’s Fintech and Partnership Team.

– Fintech Partnership  Case Study – Minna & Lloyds Banking Group, covering Minna’s journey to partner with Lloyds and how it has been mutually beneficial.

– Lloyds Launch 2.0 – Our Fintech Accelerator, outlining the Lloyds accelerator for fintech, its activities and how it supports the UK Fintech ecosystem.


Your questions will be put to the speakers during the event.

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Fintech, Startups
Fintech Innovation in Banking
30th Sep 2021 9:00am - 10:30am
Hosted by Lloyds Banking Group

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