Eye spy: designing customer experiences in a world full of distractions

Hosted by Pocketworks Mobile LTD

Do you remember “New Coke”? Thought not. Despite tons of consumer research, the rebrand caused 400,000 angry calls. As the UX gurus love to say, when conducting user research, you should believe what users do, not what they say.

In the digital realm, eye-tracking glasses are a great way to see what users do.
With a bit of help, your digital team can record exactly how customers get things done and where your product falls short. It’s brutal, you’ll see heat maps of where people look, their facial expressions and a feeling for just how long things take.

Grab a sandwich, join this talk and learn how to run your own eye tracking studies, including the kit to buy, common mistakes to avoid and some nice tips and tricks to get more value from your research.

Anna Scandella is a UX/Service Designer and Product Owner at Pocketworks. She’s been working in the field for seven years, and she’s passionate about research, gathering data and insights and making sense of complex services so that the team can understand them, allowing for a clear focus on the solution we go on to develop.

She loves talking to people and discovering new ways of looking at problems – or at life in general, really.

Data, UI/UX/Design
Eye spy: designing customer experiences in a world full of distractions
28th Sep 2022 12:00pm - 12:45pm
Hosted by Pocketworks Mobile LTD
Avenue HQ at East Parade & Online

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