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Serverless and Event-Driven architecture is generating alot of buzz in the industry. Two testers discuss their experience of testing in the cloud, what they had to learn and how to ensure good test practices when testing AWS Lambdas.


Join us;

Harvey, a Tester at Answer with 5 years of testing experience who used to test video games at Rocksteady and Team17 before transitioning into software testing.

Rob, a Senior Tester at Answer Digital with 6 years of experience in Testing working in many different sectors including Fintech, Retail and Health.

Hosted by Joe Batt, a Lead Tester at Answer Digital as we discuss Cloud, AWS and Lambdas and the journey we’ve undertaken as a test team.

Exploring the world of AWS Lambdas, a Testers Journey
29th Sep 2021 4:00pm - 4:30pm
Hosted by Answer Digital

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