Entering and excelling in your career in tech

Hosted by Codurance

How to find a role you love in tech and hints and tips to take your career forwards

If you are entering the world of tech for the first time, a career changer, or simply looking for some ideas on how to take your current role forward, this talk is for you!

Amelia Bampton has almost 20 years experience working in the software delivery space, in roles such as Business Analyst, Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, through to her current role as Regional Director. In this time she has seen all sides of what it takes for successful software delivery, across a number of different industries and organisations. This has mainly been through steep learning curves and the lessons of getting it wrong to get it right the next time. She is happy to share her career journey and the key learnings she has made along the way, which helped her enter the world of tech and also excel within it too, continually growing and developing herself and her career.

Amelia is highly motivated about attracting more people to tech and highlighting the variety of roles available in this space. She is also passionate about sharing her own career development tips and learnings, in an attempt to help other people find a role in tech they love and excel in their chosen career!

About Amelia:

Amelia Bampton is Regional Director for Codurance, UK North and previous Leeds Met MSc graduate. Working for both in-house technology teams and also various global consultancies, in roles such as Business Analyst, Delivery and Portfolio Manager, Amelia has delivered large scale, customer centric technology solutions for companies in a range of industries, including telecoms, retail, motor, public services and health. She absolutely adores her career in tech and is a passionate advocate for driving greater inclusion, accessibility and diversity in technology. Providing her support through mentoring and thought leadership to break down the barriers to entry into the industry.

Careers & Education, Coding & Software Development, Diversity and Inclusion
Entering and excelling in your career in tech
28th Sep 2021 10:00am - 11:00am
Hosted by Codurance

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