Engineer More, Live Better – An Asda Infrastructure Tale

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Wednesday 1st May



ASDA House ,
Great Wilson Street ,
Leeds , LS11 5AD



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How ASDA are delivering infrastructure and cloud innovation to improve our Customers shopping experience

ASDA is part of one of the world’s largest and most complex enterprise IT environments within the Walmart group of companies; stretching over 27 countries, 11,766 stores and with 2.3 million associates/colleagues. Learn how ASDA engineers and architects are innovating infrastructure and cloud technologies to deliver value and new digital services to customers, with three journeys from our Colleagues:

VMware – a converged journey

Presenter: Ashley Kent; Server/Storage Technical Expert will describe ASDA’s journey in developing its own converged infrastructure patterns based upon VMware, delivering consistent and high performance server and storage capabilities over 700 ASDA Stores, Distribution Centres and Data Centres. Learn how ASDA have reduced costs significantly, whilst increasing performance and meeting our business needs through the use of technologies such as Intel’s 3D XPoint

Cloud Network – an enterprise network experts transformation

Presenter: Stephen Briggs; Technology Solution Architect will take us on a journey of transformation from traditional enterprise network engineer to ASDA’s cloud native network architectures and becoming a solutions architect in the cloud. He’ll discuss the benefits this is providing our customers and colleagues, along with the complexities and opportunities of cloud network topologies at scale and interesting new use cases.

Network Automation – the beginnings of Network Reliability Engineering

Presenter: Ollie Speirs; Network Technical Expert is innovating and disrupting the traditional methods by which networks are managed within ASDA, introducing automation with an engineering perspective to developing, proactively fixing and monitoring ASDA’s extensive network estate. Ollie will describe the challenges to this fundamental change and how you can apply this within a large existing enterprise environment, not the greenfield as described in the vendors manual!

What to do when you arrive

Aim to be at Asda House 15 minutes before the start so that we can organise your access to the building and “Tomato Room” Auditorium.

You will need a recognised photo id to get in the building. We’ll have a colleague waiting at security to welcome you and show you where to go. Refreshments will be available before the presentation.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Asda House soon

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