Embracing Infinite Machine Creativity

Hosted by Sogeti

Because of technological breakthroughs in Deep Machine Learning and the more recent emergence of Generative Adversarial Networks or GAN’s, we are at the brink of a new era where digital transformation is not only about acceleration but about the smartening of that acceleration.

In this new age Human Creativity will be enhanced by what we call Machine Creativity, which will have a huge impact on any operational creative process in organizations.

Whether we are considering science, design, architecture, media or art, GAN’s are having an transformational impact and it is only a matter of time before this application of AI will determine the success of organizations.

Based on the research by SogetiLabs, Michiel Boreel – Sogeti’s Global CTO – will discuss these breakthroughs in AI by presenting many examples of how the technology can create value.

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AI & Machine Learning, Coding & Software Development, Social & Networking
Embracing Infinite Machine Creativity
28th Sep 2022
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Hosted by Sogeti
Clockwise Offices, Yorkshire House, Greek Street, Leeds LS1 5SH

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