Digitising Your Brain

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By nature of the modern world, we are subject to an ever-increasing level of information across all aspects of our daily lives. Being faced with such a constant barrage of information can make it difficult to decipher what is useful and what is simply a distraction from achieving our main objectives for the day or week.

Historically, people have neutralised these distractions by creating physical lists, with pen and paper, to allow them to plan ahead and streamline their activities. This continues to be the primary productivity tool for many, and for good reason – because it works! In more recent years, we have seen many digital tools and processes being used as a replacement in the quest for agile productivity. Might it be time for you to digitise?

If you’re curious about how to digitise your processes, join Ibrahim Dridi and Jon Smith on Tuesday 27th September at 17:30 to learn more about:

• Why you should consider ‘digitising your brain’
• How you can approach productivity with a strategic mindset in the world of hybrid working, where the lines can easily become blurred
• How technology can turn your brain into a productivity engine
• How you may already be leveraging the benefits of digitisation without even realising
• Where does ‘digitising your brain’ end and how far can we take it?
• Acknowledging differences in learning, and how we can apply digitisation on a case-by-case basis

Our speakers:

Ibrahim Dridi, Consultant at Netcompany:

With an interest in technology from a very early age, Ibrahim has a real passion for digitisation, and digital refinement. Working as a consultant at Netcompany for just over a year now, he has been implementing tools and processes to help fine-tune his approach to professional workflows, which also transfer over to his personal life as well.

Jon Smith, Managing Architect at Netcompany:

Working with technology since before Ibrahim was even born, Jon works as a Managing Architect at Netcompany, driving the success of Netcompany’s endeavors with the NHS. Working with cutting edge technology capabilities for almost 30 years to help overcome any delivery challenges that may arise, Jon too adopts many digital tools and processes into his repertoire to support his everyday working life, in a highly similar fashion to Ibrahim.


This will be a physical event where you’ll have the opportunity to meet our speakers, ask your most pressing questions and provide your thoughts as to what you think digitising your brain could lead to in the future. The event will be held in our Netcompany collaboration space in Leeds: 12 Greek Street, Leeds, 1st Floor, LS1 5RU.
For those who can’t make it along in person, the event will also be livestreamed so please indicate your preferred form of attendance when signing up.

Event agenda:
17:30 – Arrival, drinks & nibbles
18:00 – Talk
18:45 – Drinks & networking

Digitising Your Brain
27th Sep 2022 5:30pm - 6:15pm
Hosted by Netcompany
12 Greek Street, Leeds, 1st Floor, LS1 5RU

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