Digitally Overloaded: Taking a Data-Led Approach to Future of Work

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“As we look to create a better future of work, addressing digital exhaustion must be a priority for leaders everywhere”

As hybrid work becomes the norm, organisations with strong digital cultures are set to gain a competitive advantage. The tech sector is challenged by talent shortages and diversity, yet 91% have adopted hybrid work and strong digital cultures are the key to more diverse workplaces and increase retention.

However, digital transformation can create also human costs, including video call exhaustion, digital burnout, productivity and feelings of exclusion.

These impacts can be hard for leaders to see in a remote work environment, and can disproportionately affect marginalised and underrepresented workers.

Your digital culture can make or break employee experience.

Data is key.

Join Alessandra La Via of Live More Offline for a session on the impact of digital work on people and business profitability. See how companies are managing to understand their people’s experiences of digital work, and embed healthy digital practices into work cultures in a meaningful and impactful way. Through the use of data-driven insights, tailored support how can workplaces harness the full potential of digital work to drive improved employee experience and business results? This talk will cover the ‘why’ and the ‘how’.

Key takeaways include:

  • The benefits and impact of a healthy digital culture
  • How to embed healthy digital habits into your organisation in a meaningful way, to improve wellbeing, performance and equality
  • How to use data-driven solutions to measure and analyse digital wellbeing, and drive positive change in employee experience

Alessandra La Via is a leading speaker and consultant in the fields of digital wellbeing and healthy digital culture. With the University of Aberdeen, she has been researching the impact of technology on wellbeing and the use of data to measure employee digital experiences and their impact on workplace KPIs.

She experienced an ‘always-on’ culture in her successful career as a Big-4 accountant and Head of Tax. In pursuit of a better tech-life balance, she was inspired to walk 500 miles on the Camino in Spain, where she connected with her passion for helping others to find healthier ways of working in our digital age.

She speaks from her research findings, has founded Live More Offline, and devised leadership programmes and digital culture diagnostics which now support some of the largest global organisations to improve their digital cultures. She envisions a future where leaders are empowered by data and training to re-negotiate their team’s relationship with technology. A future where society enjoys greater wellbeing, performance and belonging within digital workplaces.

Speakers Include:

Data, Diversity and Inclusion, Other
Digitally Overloaded: Taking a Data-Led Approach to Future of Work
26th Sep 2023 12:30pm - 1:15pm
Hosted by Live More Offline

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