Digital Immersive Yoga (DiY) – Saturday 25th September

Hosted by Chilled Events Ltd.

Welcome to Digital Immersive Yoga (DiY). 

A beautiful digital wonderland with music and visuals designed specifically and projected on the walls giving you a 360 immersive experience.

We will work with yoga to awaken or soothe and relax the body as well as entering and grounding the mind.

Come along to this unique space and immerse yourself in an explosion of digital art highlighting the ongoing and developing relationship between technology, art & wellness.

*These are LIVE events not virtual classes*


£20 pp or £30 pp for 2 classes of your choice.

To book onto the 2 classes for £30 offer please email [email protected] & select your classes to receive a payment link.

Ticket price includes entry into the immersive space & the yoga class

Limited numbers available, when purchasing your ticket on Eventbrite please ensure you select the correct date & time

After conferring with the Environmental Health Office, we can confirm that The Lockup is a Covid-19 secure venue and all events held are Covid-19 compliant.


Schedule & Class Descriptions – Saturday 25th September

Please see the Schedule for Friday 24th September here, and Sunday 26th September here.


11.00 – 12.15

HOLD & HEAL with @puravidaleeds

Join Pura Vida for HOLD & HEAL. In this 75 minutes class

You will be guided through calming, healing, nurturing Yin yoga where we hold our poses for between 3 and 6 minutes enabling us to fall in deeper, creating more flexibility and mobility. Once in Savasana you will be guided through a Holy Fire Reiki meditation enabling even deeper rest, relaxation and healing.

13.00 – 14.00

ROCKET YOGA with @loveyogawithme

The session will start with a Rocket flow (sun salutations) to heat the body, we will then dive into and break down fun & challenging poses, whilst Pam can help you to find new ways into them. All to a playlist of beats that enhance our practice.

Don’t be scared of moving out of your comfort zone, there are so many modifications we can use to build up to the more challenging asanas such as maybe handstand, forearm stand or arm balances.

Pam’s rocket practice is popular as it always brings something out of us…it’s never negative because even if it is a challenge it allows us to observe and then grow.

15.00 – 16.00

DISCO YOGA with @emilystorr_yoga

We may have been deprived from dancing, laughing and chatting together over the past year but what a way to reunite than moving our bodies through the power of flow yoga and to the wonderful melodious, uplifting sounds of disco music. 

Emily will guide us through an energising, FUN, aligning practice to re-boot our souls. Starting off with a meditation, allowing us to bring our awareness towards the mats, permitting ourselves to let go of any thoughts or emotions that could hold us back from letting go, both physically and mentally within the practice. Next we will start to activate our muscles in a warm up, as that euphoric disco beat starts to kick in. Moving towards our flow sequence with a series of standing and seated asanas, combining classic, dazzling disco moves. Ending the practice with our positive affirmations, authorising us to think freely and positively about ourselves. 

This class is for all levels, as modifications and variation are explained in each posture.

The aim here is to have fun, release those feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream, reducing stress, tension and making us feel ALIVE. Whilst also improving our flexibility, mobility, stability and helping ease that mental chatter. An expression of our innermost feelings through the movement of the external body.

Disco wear is optional but welcomed!

17.00 – 18.00

CONSCIOUS CALMING YOGA with @awakenedwithKate

Awakened with Kate will guide us within the deeply relaxing and grounding space to unravel from any stresses held in your body from the week, and land in the beauty of being here now. So much of our waking hours are spent giving power and attention to thought and mind. This is a practice to guide awareness back into body and energy. Thoughts are not the enemy, but there must be room to connect with that which cannot be seen but we can very deeply feel. Kate will guide you through a fluid flow to realign your sense of self from within. If you want to feel more self love, trust and inner peace this flow and guided relaxation is for you!

Ticket price includes entry into the immersive space & the yoga class.

When purchasing tickets on the Eventbrite page please ensure you select the correct date & time for the class you want to attend 🙂

Arts, Culture & Music
Digital Immersive Yoga (DiY) – Saturday 25th September
25th Sep 2021 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Hosted by Chilled Events Ltd.
The Lockup Leeds, Unit 5, Leathley House, Butterley Street, LS10 1AW

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