Digital Healthcare Solutions | Leverage data to optimise facilities, improve care & build resilience

Hosted by Arup

Join our live demo to learn how digital technology is being used to create flexible and resilient healthcare environments.


We understand the ever-changing and complex business of healthcare, its demands on facilities, its technology needs and its patients’ expectations. We will show how innovative technologies are transforming the healthcare industry and how data-driven rigour is empowering organisations to create better buildings and spaces.This event will help healthcare professionals understand how digital tools can enable facilities to operate safely and efficiently and plan for a more resilient future, now.

The live demo will walk you through the digital solutions that are helping healthcare authorities, providers, clinicians, and managers to overcome complex issues such as:

How to:

  • create flexible space within an existing footprint to plan for surges in patient numbers and maintain operations and every-day patient care.
  • predict human behaviour and movement to analyse capacity constraints and understand how people circulate and flow through spaces.
  • mitigate airborne transmission of infectious diseases through risk-based and quantifiable measures.

Arup’s digital design process combines human ingenuity with powerful digital tools, such as MassMotion – the world’s most flexible pedestrian and crowd simulation software.

Through this live showcase, we hope to inspire and unlock the potential for digital solutions to shape the future of healthcare.



Anni Feng
Anni is a senior engineer at Arup with background in computer and communication systems engineering. She has international project experience in sectors including healthcare. She is passionate about how the digital development impacts the quality of healthcare and how new technologies or techniques could improve the healthcare ecosystem and individual experiences.

Tony Nichol
Tony is a People Movement specialist with over 11 years experience. He uses bespoke simulation software, MassMotion, to bring spaces to life and provide granular models of the anticipated operation under a number of different scenarios, and to mitigate potential issues before they happen. Tony has worked in the healthcare sector to advise on issues relating to emergency department capacity issues.

Paul Lynch
Paul is a specialist in fluid dynamics and heat transfer within Arup’s Advanced Digital Engineering group. Over 9 years at Arup, Paul has combined fundamental theory with cutting-edge fluid dynamics analysis tools in a wide range of sectors including healthcare, commercial property, sports venues, offshore structures, and rail aerodynamics.


You can watch the full event recording here, and access the Virtual Engage Room via the button below.


Community & Society, Data, Healthtech & Medtech
Digital Healthcare Solutions | Leverage data to optimise facilities, improve care & build resilience
29th Sep 2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Hosted by Arup

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