Designing Event Driven Systems with AWS Eventbridge

Hosted by Jordan Finneran – Gymshark

Event driven systems are becoming ever more popular and an integral part of our modern lives.

However, they come with plenty of things to consider:

  • How to model your events
  • What events to emit
  • How to separate your services.

These are fundamental to the design of your event driven system.


In this talk we’ll discuss:

Event driven system design and how and where AWS Eventbridge fits.

The strategies you can take to build resilience into your event driven system.

How to test and quality assure (QA) event driven systems.

How to prevent event driven chaos.


Finally, we’ll build a simple event driven system using AWS Eventbridge!


This talk is aimed at a technical audience for developers, engineers, and architects.

This talk is in person, please respect others and follow any social distancing rules and if possible, take a lateral flow test beforehand.

If you aren’t able to attend the talk, it will be recorded and blogged afterwards on

Coding & Software Development, Data, Startups
Designing Event Driven Systems with AWS Eventbridge
24th Sep 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Jordan Finneran – Gymshark
Platform, New Station Street, Leeds LS1 4JB

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