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Designers are Developers Too: Bringing design and development together to drive customer-centred thinking

28th Sep 2022 1:00pm - 1:45pm Hosted by Yorkshire Building Society

This short talk outlines the practical steps the YBS Digital Tribe has undertaken to increase customer centricity and put members at the heart of everything it develops. We’ll look at how we’ve integrated UX into our teams, practically how we plan and schedule work alongside development activity, how we position and qualify value with our stakeholders, and get the whole team thinking member first.

This event will be a co-sponsored event hosted by George Bishop from Yorkshire Building Society and Paddy Lemons from consultancy Burendo.


George Bishop – User Experience Chapter Lead, Yorkshire Building Society

George has been designing since he first touched a copy of Illustrator at age thirteen and is now a User Experience Chapter Lead at YBS. He is driving new ways of working across UX and helping to put user-centred thinking at the forefront of our digital journey. Previously he’s designed in the Recruitment and Hospitality industries and pulls from that experience in the world of finance.

Paddy Lemons – Principal Consultant, Burendo

Joining us from consultancy Burendo, Paddy is a Principal Consultant with a broad range of experience in Product Development, Project Delivery, Insight and Analysis. He’s worked with businesses to deliver solutions across numerous sectors including Utilities, Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing. His early career centred around customer services and contact centres, and customer satisfaction is core to his ethos.

28th Sep 2022 1:00pm - 1:45pm
Hosted by Yorkshire Building Society

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