Cybersecurity gamification with OWASP Cornucopia and Grant Ongers

Hosted by Agile Stationery

Security is increasingly becoming a non-optional aspect of software development. Software development is becoming increasingly fast-paced and reactive as it becomes a more empirical process.

Delivery managers need a lightweight and sustainable way to build security into delivery cycles that grow shorter and shorter.

OWASP Cornucopia is gamified process that helps developers contribute to the identification of threats. It’s output is a validated set of security-focused stories and security tasks can easily integrate into Agile-based development environments.

This is an opportunity to experience, first hand, a game of OWASP Cornucopia with security expert Grant Ongers, co-founder at Secure Delivery and Global OWASP board member. Working in a small group of just 7 participants, you’ll use the game to find threats in a sample web application. The session will last 1.5 hours.

You will receive:

-A Cornucopia Card deck
– A warm-up training exercise prepared by Secure Delivery
– Exclusive access to a slack channel with Grant where you can discuss your questions or concerns about introducing the game to your developers

Cyber Security
Cybersecurity gamification with OWASP Cornucopia and Grant Ongers
30th Sep 2021 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Hosted by Agile Stationery

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