Cyber ‘Who Dun It’ Mystery Event

Hosted by Cyber Security Partners

Cyber Security Partners will be running their ‘Cyber Who Dun It’ event returning for the third time this year after another successful event last year.

This event is an evening of fun, food, drinks and networking, with a good chance that you will learn something about securing your company’s data.

Participants will have to question the staff of a fictitious company to find out how data was breached when they became a victim of a cyber-attack. The theme is like a murder mystery event with CSP role playing characters and giving clues or information to attendees. Attendees will have to identify where the weaknesses are and provide their conclusions on who supposedly carried out the cyber-attack, to be able to win the prize.

Held in the centre of Leeds at CSP’s new office location on Greek Street, the Cyber ‘Who Dun It’ Mystery Event is a great way for your team to improve their security awareness while having a fun evening of team building and networking.

Speakers Include:

Cyber Security, Data, Startups
Cyber ‘Who Dun It’ Mystery Event
27th Sep 2023
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Hosted by Cyber Security Partners
Clockwise, Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5SH

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