Cyber Security Career Journey

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Thursday 1st October






Maximum Attendance.


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This event is for anyone who is interested in a career in Cyber Security, from students and graduates, to professionals who might want a career change or to work their way up who already work in Cyber Security. Our CSP team will be adding their experiences, inputs and insights into this informal presentation talk consisting of:

  • Reality vs expectations
  • Job specs and the real skills/knowledge needed
  • Skills shortages (upskill yourself)
  • A day in the life of a CS consultant with Ramiz Hussain
  • Robert Briggs, CSP Director, career journey
  • Resources and training that is available to help attendees from external resources
  • Live Q&A to learn from each attendee’s questions and answers as well as having the opportunity to get free specific advice to your concerns

So, if you’ve ever wanted to break into the Cyber Security industry that is in high demand for these skills and profession, then attend our free online event that can give you all the inside information from industry experts with years of experience that can help you reach your goals!