Code Club Light Night Challenge

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Monday 21st September






Maximum Attendance.


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ONGOING – This event runs for the duration of Leeds Digital Festival and beyond, starting on the 15th September and ending on the 13th October.

In 2019, for Light Night we created a Micro:bit installation with Code Clubs across the city. 100s of interactive electronic fireflies lined our bookshelves to simulate bugs in the wild inspired by our special collections.

This year we are asking you to you hack the code to create your own light show. This is your chance to become light artists! We will set up a wall of Micro:bits in Central Library to showcase your designs.

You can reserve a Micro:bit for free, to collect from our open libraries. Find further information here:

Suitable for ages 7- 12. This challenge runs from 15 Sept to 13 Oct, with instructions set on 15 Sept, a catch up on 29 Sept and final project showcase on 13 Oct.
Sign up for further instructions, code, zoom sessions and access to Mirco:bit Classroom.