China Sourcing Unleashed: Digital Strategies for Global Connections

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Step into the future of sourcing as we unveil the power of digital strategies for connecting with China’s suppliers.

Join us at Leeds Digital Festival to explore, revolutionising the way businesses source from China. Discover sustainable practices and cutting-edge digital marketing, SEO, and website design to establish global connections. Don’t miss this event that brings the best of China’s sourcing and digital innovation together!

Featured Guests:

1. Alice Sheng – A Chinese with 14 years of international business experience. With a background in both public and private sectors in China, Alice offers a wealth of knowledge, extensive networks, and influential connections in Chinese commerce and customs, along with leading international companies.

2. Sebas – Embarking on a new chapter of life in China, Sebas spent four months exploring various industries during site visits. Successfully closing collaborations with reliable pearl farmers, Sebas brings real-world insights into identifying lucrative business opportunities in China.

Event Highlights:

– Unveiling China’s sourcing secrets for finding reliable suppliers and quality control.- Exploring strategies to establish successful business partnerships in China.- Deep-diving into influential networks and connections for navigating Chinese commerce.- Insights into lucrative business opportunities from real-life experiences in different industries.

Join us for an engaging and informative session that will equip you with practical know-how to thrive in China’s dynamic sourcing market. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights and expand your business horizons in China!


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Speakers Include:

Business Support Services & E-Commerce, Investing and Fundraising, Marketing & PR
China Sourcing Unleashed: Digital Strategies for Global Connections
19th Sep 2023 10:30am - 11:30am
Hosted by Easy Marketing Ltd

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