Change My Reality? Create & Share Your Own Augmented Experiences

Hosted by AVimmerse

Change My Reality? Create & Share Your Own Augmented Experiences


NB – This is a masterclass where participation from delegates is expected and will be delivered using Zoom video conferencing.

Create your own Augmented Reality using tech available to all. Whether you’ve just heard about AR and want to see what the fuss is about.

If you’re looking to make a brand experience using AR technology, we will explore the marketing opportunities, using the latest in Augmented Reality advancements and productions in:

• Fashion.
• Makeup & Beauty.
• Commercial Training.
• Urban Exploration.
• Protest.
• Visitor Experiences.


About the Presenter – Keith Myers

Keith Myers is the creative director of AVimmerse, practicing artist, and new media teacher. He has taught immersive production techniques, during guest lectures at The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Virtual Reality Labs across the region for the last 4 years. He has guest spoken at the annual AR/VR conference in Manchester on storytelling.
Some of AVimmerse’s clients include: The NHS; The BBC; Liverpool John Moores University, the Wildlife Trust and Gymshark.


The session will also cover:

During this one-hour masterclass, will also focus on the creative tools and methods of augmented reality production to create your brand engagement.

This includes:

• What is Augmented Reality?
• Contemporary Examples of Augmented Reality
• Augmented Reality for Business
• Augmented Reality Tools:
o Unity AR Foundation; Unity MARS
o Snapchat & Lenstudio
o Instagram & Spark AR

We will end the session on where the technology is heading, how this future might shape the convergence with other ‘XR’ (posh word for immersive) technologies, and how you can continue your creative journey with augmented reality.


Am I eligible?

The masterclass is available to businesses, partnerships, sole traders, artists, registered charities, and anyone taking an interest in the Immersive sector.

If you want to find out how immersive technology can empower your business, or what it is, then what are you waiting for!

Marketing & PR, VR/AR
Change My Reality? Create & Share Your Own Augmented Experiences
28th Sep 2021 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by AVimmerse

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