Bridging Trust & Research: Exploring the secrets of a secure environment

Hosted by Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA)

Trusted Research Environments, Data Safe Havens, Secure Data Environments… Call them what you will, the concept of segregated research spaces where data can be analysed in secure isolation is gaining traction across sectors.

Here at LIDA, we have been successfully running the Leeds Analytic Secure Environment for Research “LASER” for a number of years, enabling and empowering research that would otherwise be untenable with partners such as the NHS, Leeds City Council, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Office for National Statistics, regional police constabularies and the Parole Board.

It allows for international collaboration on data that is unable to leave the UK, providing assurances to both public and private sector partners that their data is safe.

Managed and supported by LIDA’s Data Analytics Team, research software engineers who provide expert advice and technical skills to enhance research, LASER is both scalable and performant. It is a mature, ISO27001 and NHS DSPT compliant TRE built in the cloud and available for pan-faculty, inter-disciplinary research across the University of Leeds.

In this session members of the Data Analytics Team will give a tour of LASER; what it is, how it works and a taste of what it’s been used to achieve so far. Join us to find out how LASER can empower your collaborations with the University of Leeds.


About LIDA

LIDA’s Data Analytics Team (DAT) have expertise and experience across different areas of data management, analytics, research software engineering and information governance. These skills are complemented by their expertise and experience of working within specific domains, including health and urban analytics. DAT members can provide support to researchers at the grant opportunity stage, and right through to project delivery. If successful the DAT team are assigned to a project based on its individual requirements.

This team, located in LIDA, provide expertise in data handling, data wrangling, data curation and quality standards, data linkage, database set up, software development and data visualisation. Members of the team will be strategically aligned to the key domains of LIDA research activity, thereby enabling them to provide specialist insight for grant applications and scholarly publications.

The Team also provide support and advice for use of the LASER platform and have key responsibilities in operationalising the LIDA Information Governance Framework.

Coding & Software Development, Cyber Security, Data
Bridging Trust & Research: Exploring the secrets of a secure environment
27th Sep 2023 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA)

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