Beyond the hype of serverless computing: William Hill shares its journey

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Friday 3rd May



William Hill, ,
St. John's Centre, 110 Albion Street (the reception entrance is located next to Subway) ,
Leeds , LS2 8HP



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Come join us for a dive into the world of serverless computing. We’ll be showcasing four real-world examples that leverage the benefits of serverless. This new style of architecture can help achieve a faster speed to market and also scale on demand, whilst taking the pain away from managing infrastructure and servers.

First up, we’ll be looking at how our trading teams are utilising serverless architectures to achieve high-availability, low-latency, real-time data feed ingestion, that is capable of scaling on demand.

Next will be exploring how our retail innovation team leveraged serverless technology in the development of a facial recognition system to identify self-excluded customers, in order to support our Nobody Harmed ambition.

“Alexa, ask William Hill about the next race at Grand National”. You guessed it – an Alexa skill powered by Lambda. Get a bit more hands on as we take you through how we built this skill that provides details about upcoming events.

Last but not least our security operations team will be sharing how they are using serverless to block attackers and bad actors in order to protect our customers.