ASDA Tech Threat Intel (Even Shrek had it)

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Whether you’re saving a princess, finding a king, or ousting pesky critters from your swamp, you need to know what challenges you’ll come up against.

And, in Cyber Threat Intelligence, there’s challenges left, right and centre.

At Asda, we’ve had the opportunity to take on cyber security in a different way – our way. Using new perspectives, innovation and tool sets. It’s been a challenge, but one to relish. So we’ll be talking about how we’ve been developing eyes in the back of our heads to make sure we’ve got all bases covered – as well as up-and-coming threats. Which can come from all directions in a digital world!

It’s so important to have an agile and innovative Cyber Threat Intelligence Team today, with a human approach, so we’re going to take you through the whole journey of setting one up.

If you want to know everything about what it takes, make sure to come along!


Speakers include:

Lianne Potter – Head of Cybersecurity Operations at ASDA

Lianne is the Head of Cybersecurity Operations at ASDA and an award-winning, internationally renowned Cyber Anthropologist. She is currently building an industry-leading cybersecurity function for the largest greenfield technology transformation project in Europe. This new team will innovate in the field of cybersecurity using cutting-edge practices, processes and tools, all within a human-centric lens. Outside of work, she is on the advisory board for two community enterprises aimed at encouraging diversity in tech. She is a published author, international speaker, podcast host, and recently won’s Security Specialist of the Year and Security Leader of the Year for her novel work on human-centric approaches to security.


Ryan Torrance – L3 SOC Analyst

Ryan is a senior SOC Analyst with a focus on the proactive side of monitoring, or SIEM. He is currently establishing a dedicated Threat Intelligence function which will cement a solid foundation to how ASDA starts to become more proactive in projecting itself and its customers against the latest threats.

Cyber Security
ASDA Tech Threat Intel (Even Shrek had it)
28th Sep 2022 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Hosted by ASDA
Asda House, Tomato Room / Zoom

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