ASDA Tech Biggest Ecommerce Transformation

Hosted by Asda
It’s not everyday you get a once in a lifetime opportunity – and we’ve had one here at Asda!

We’ve had the exciting chance to design an entirely new Ecommerce platform and fresh operating model. And now you have the chance to get an inside look into it.

We’ll share our grand vision for the future of Ecommerce here, and chat about some of the challenges we’ve come up against. Like how we’ve approached the programme so far and some things to consider down the line, such as culture.

Then we’ve got a panel-style discussion lined up with special guests, including our Ecommerce partner Publicis Sapient and our service providers – so make sure you’ve got your questions ready to learn about all things Ecommerce!


Claire Wilkin – Ecommerce technical Delivery Manager

Claire joined Asda in January 2019 working on the current live website. Previously worked on transformational programmes in the finance sector.

Robin Cook – Ecommerce technical Delivery Manager

Robin joined Asda in May 2022 to support the technical delivery of front-end ecommerce services. Previously worked for the Department for Work and Pensions, leading the delivery of citizen services including ‘Apply for New Style Jobseekers Allowance’

Neil Ritchie – GTDM Platform Services (eCommerce Tower)

Joined Asda in June 2022 to run eComm platform services; held various roles as CTO, head of digital transformation for large financial services companies as well as fintech start-ups.

Laura Loe – Ecommerce Programme Manager

Joined Asda in December 2021 as a Project Manager on the eComm Future programme before taking on the role of Programme Manager in June 2022. Previously worked on large scale transformation and remediation programmes in both the Finance and telephony sectors.

Danny Mitchell – Group Technical Delivery Manager

Danny Mitchell is a Group Technical Delivery Manager in Asda focused on the Fulfilment side of eCommerce. Danny joined Asda in August 2022 having previously headed up the Delivery and Programme of Tesco’s Supplier and Partner Services Portals. The opportunity to be a part of the biggest retail transformation project in Europe is something he couldn’t turn down. Danny has over 15 years’ experience in Delivery and Programme and has worked in Retail, Finance and Investments.

Business Support Services & E-Commerce
ASDA Tech Biggest Ecommerce Transformation
28th Sep 2022 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Hosted by Asda
ASDA House, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD

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