April 2019

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Wednesday 24th April



Aireside House ,
Aire Street ,
Leeds , LS1 4HT



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Royd Brayshay: Product Development Leverage – Using Technical Experience and Judgement to Commercial Effect

A dive into some product development economics and tactical risk management that delivery teams might employ to improve their commercial effectiveness. Resources are never infinite and any marketplace is continually changing. Every delivery team works within a commercial context whether they are aware of it or not and can influence better delivery outcomes by thinking about their skill and experience as an asset and the business context as a design constraint. We’ll be talking about real world examples throughout.

Jason Simpson: Agile Puts Customers First, Why Don’t You?

Engineering teams are often the furthest removed from the customer, especially as companies grow. Without the customer as the North Star, it is easy for us to get carried away building over complicated solutions that are challenging to deploy, uses technology we cannot support and when finally delivered, does not have the desired customer impact. These are the fundamental reasons that over 50% of software built is never used. We’ve been there, we’ve lived the tale and can tell the story about coming out the other end. This talk intends to do just that.

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