AI Techathon – Zero to AI

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Friday 3rd May

8:30 –17:00


P W C ,
Central Square, 29 Wellington Street ,
Leeds , LS1 4DL



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Presenting AI Tech Hackathon. Go zero to AI in a day!

As a part LDF and the upcoming AI Tech North Conference, we are hosting an AI hack, led by Robin Lester from Microsoft, Terry McCann from Advancing Analytics and Sherin Mathew from IBM.

We are covering Open Source AI programming and Azure AI framework along with applied AI architecture integrated with DevOps helping you build your first AI application. Feel free to bring your data, your business problem and your team. We will help you to get started to build an AI application catered to your needs in just one day!

Goal: To build an AI application based on your data, and to deploy your AI/ML application to production.

Benefits: Great learning experience with lots of fun, expert-led advice. Become part of the AI community with this introduction to the world of AI and the benefits that it can bring you.

Event schedule:
8:30: Registration, coffee and breakfast
9:00: Introduction by Sherin Mathew, IBM
9:15: Robin Lester from Azure AI Overview, Microsoft
9:50: Terry McCann from Data Science/ML to Production, Advancing Analytics
10:30 : Hack begins
12:30: Lunch
13:00: Hack continues
16:30: Stop and Review
17:00: Networking

We will be providing you with an Azure subscription for your team ($50 one day credit) but it is best to have your own subscription if you wish to keep the solution and continue developing it.

Link to free Azure subscription (if you haven’t used this offer previously):

Great learning experience, all levels welcomed.

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