AI for all Kinds of Minds

Hosted by Leeds Trinity University

Women, particularly those from ethnic minority groups, are notoriously under-represented in the field of AI. We are therefore seeking opportunities to reach out to people from under-represented groups in order to broaden the diversity of talent and contribute to the “AI Skilled Community” (GTI group by OfS).

We believe it is important for young people to know where to start with AI and what skills they need to develop in a wide range of AI roles and not only that, but to have fun and interactive hands-on experience with AI subjects!

The aim of the event is to support diversification of classrooms and enhance graduate-level employability skills in emerging areas of Computer Science such as AI, machine learning, metaverse, data science etc. Building interest for further student cohorts is one aim of this event, but it is mainly to attract young students to understand the soft and technical skills of emerging technology.

This event will provide a tool for supporting women, girls and underrepresented groups to participate in the digital world and improve emerging graduate-level jobs opportunities.

If you are interested in AI roles and skills as an educator, employer, student, designer, or developer, please join our session.

This event will be led by Dr Antesar Shabut, lecturer in Computer Science and CompSci Programme Lead at Leeds Trinity University. Dr Shabut received her PhD degree from the University of Bradford in 2015 and her MSc degree from Sheffield Hallam University in 2008 in IT Consultancy. Prior to joining Leeds Trinity University, she was a research fellow at Anglia Ruskin University in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and before that she was a research assistant at the University of West of Scotland. She has worked on different scientific and pedagogical research projects and is highly interested in turning ideas into real software products to benefit the community and wider society.

Dr Shabut is a member of Women in AI and Teens in AI groups, and she has been involved in different activities that support digital diversity, equality and inclusion in HE and the workplace.

Our event will be delivered in collaboration with Dr Sorrel Harriet of Armakuni, a cloud native software engineering consultancy. In her role as Continuous Learning Lead, Sorrel works to foster a culture of continuous learning at Armakuni and its clients. She does this by working collaboratively with individuals and teams across the organisation to embed coaching and other accelerators to learning.


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AI & Machine Learning, Data, Diversity and Inclusion
AI for all Kinds of Minds
20th Sep 2022
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Hosted by Leeds Trinity University
LC1-28, Andrew Kean Learning Centre, University of Leeds Trinity, Leeds, LS18 5HD

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