Agile Yorkshire: The Relaunch

Hosted by NewRedo

After running almost every month for nearly ten years, Agile Yorkshire has been on a hiatus since shortly after the COVID-19 lockdown. We’ve not been idle however and with a new website we’re ready for a relaunch.

We have an amazing speaker line up in Kieran Baker – Chief Digital and Information Head for South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board and Alan Raison – Principal Engineer for NewRedo. Between them they have a smorgasbord of agile stories to tell rooted in real world experience from large scale delivery to the technicalities and economics of building developer environments efficiently for effective and flexible delivery teams.

Main Presentation

Delivering a national analytical service using agile-at-scale

Agile is not just for software development, the principles and approaches can be applied to deliver a multitude of different services. We will present an example of using agile approaches to deliver a high-quality national analytical service for the NHS.

Speaker: Kieran Baker
Kieran is currently the Chief Digital and Information for South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. Kieran has over 10 years’ experience in the NHS in Digital, Data Technology, with roles spanning provider, system and national organisations. Rachel is currently the Head of Portfolio and Operations at South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. Rachel has over 15 years’ experience in the NHS, predominantly in project and delivery roles related to national digital and data programmes.

Support Presentation

Agile vs Regulation: Development Environments

In an increasingly complex world, it is important for developers to be able to create local development environments quickly and easily, without fear of restrictive corporate policies preventing them from having the tools they need. Many tools have emerged in this space over the past few years and by taking a selection of them, could it be possible to have a properly audited and rapid way to provision useful environments for development teams? Let Alan guide you through the available tools and find out whether there is a solution that provides developers the tools they need in an auditable way.

Speaker: Alan Raison
Alan is an experienced developer, DevOps engineer and engineering team leader, who is constantly looking for ways to improve his teams’ ways of working.

Coding & Software Development
Agile Yorkshire: The Relaunch
20th Sep 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Hosted by NewRedo
Platform, New Station Street, Leeds LS1 4JB

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