Agile, modular, collaborative: the future of NHS technology delivery

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What does it take for the NHS to gain the most value out of its digital products in a way that improves outcomes for both users and staff in the long-term?


Hazel Jones, Head of Health at Made Tech and former Programme Director of the NHS Apps and Wearables Programme at NHS Digital credits that it’s all about the mindset change needed to use resources more effectively.

Join Hazel as she explores the current challenges and pitfalls faced by the NHS on its journey to become digitally-enabled. Hazel will explore the persistent mindsets and attitudes that are preventing meaningful progress, and how moving beyond these will pave the way to using resources and funding more effectively.

She’ll also discuss the strategies needed to move the industry towards more cooperative ways of working that drive better outcomes for NHS workers and the public alike.


Key Takeaways:

– Understanding the challenges and obstacles that the digital industry faces in supporting the NHS

– The strategies and mindset that will lead to better outcomes for users and NHS staff

– How more focussed and informed investments will evolve the NHS in the long-term



Hazel Jones, Market Principal of Manchester & Head of Health at Made Tech



– 45 minutes presentation
– 15 minutes Q&A

Coding & Software Development, Community & Society, Healthtech & Medtech
Agile, modular, collaborative: the future of NHS technology delivery
30th Sep 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Hosted by Made Tech

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