Achieving financial maturity for your agency

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At MAP we are on a mission to help Digital Agencies and their owners become financially mature.

How much would you and your business benefit from developing financial maturity?

If you could clearly see and articulate your ambition, would it give you a greater sense of purpose?

If you formulated a well-documented strategy for the business, would it give you a greater sense of control and focus?

If you built the systems and governance to run the business effectively, would it give you greater confidence in its chance of success?

We determine financial maturity as the process of getting clear about what you want, and how you’re going to make it happen.

It isn’t complicated.

It doesn’t require a degree in finance and economics.

It does require passion, commitment, and a growth mindset.

We use technology to help you automate your finance function. For example:

Cloud based accounting – Xero is the core accounting system providing real time information, anytime anywhere, with an internet connection.  

Purchase Ledger – Dext saves time in processing invoices and increases accuracy of your data.

Credit control – Chaser automatically chases clients for overdue payments and allows flexibility of schedules.

Making payments – Telleroo integrates with your Accounting Software and allows flexibility of schedules.

The briefing will be led by the MD and Founder of MAP, Paul Barnes.

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Achieving financial maturity for your agency
20th Sep 2022 11:00am - 12:00pm
Hosted by MAP

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