Accessibility: Why it’s vital we build digital estates like physical ones

Hosted by xDesign

Providing accessibility for all has become not only a conscious but mandatory consideration when it comes to shaping our physical world – particularly over the last 30 years. Nearly every building we inhabit – whether it be a local cafe, shop, or even our own homes – will have been designed with some thought to physical accessibility in mind.

In this discussion, Paul Alexander, xDesign’s Head of Quality Assurance, will assess whether we need to be taking the same approach to digital accessibility. As well as discussing the different groups that need to be catered for, he’ll also explore why it’s vital for modern organisations to ‘bake in’ accessibility at all stages of their digital development processes.

Paul will suggest why addressing digital accessibility is no longer just the right thing to do, but why it holds the key to growth for aspirational companies that are building out their digital products and services.

Paul Alexander, Head of QA, xDesign

Paul is an advocate for accessibility and inclusive design, writing blogs and giving talks relating to digital products. With a background in financial services, Paul’s first testing role was with BNY Mellon. From there he went on to set up the QA department and offering at the digital agency Realise (now Kin+Carta). While at Kin+Carta, Paul led QA teams in Edinburgh and Manchester, working with many international brands on large scale website/platform builds, maintenance and campaign work. Paul also introduced QA as a 3rd party UAT and consultancy service. He is now working as Head of QA for the fantastic team at xDesign building 1st class web and app tools/experiences.

Coding & Software Development, Diversity and Inclusion
Accessibility: Why it’s vital we build digital estates like physical ones
20th Sep 2022 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Hosted by xDesign
Platform (Rooms A&B), New Station St, Leeds LS1 4JB

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